Measure your Size

How to measure your size

STEP 1 - Measuring Length
To measure your foot length, place a sheet of paper on the floor against the wall. Place your bare foot on the paper with the heel against the wall. Mark the tip of your longest toe on the paper as shown in the figure below and then measure the length from the wall to this mark. For closest accuracy, do this while wearing whatever socks or stockings you’ll wear with your new shoes. Also it is best to take the measurement at night when your feet will be already swollen from the day's activity.

STEP 2 – Measuring Girth
Take a household measuring tape - measure the widest part of each foot. The tape measure should be placed behind the little toe and over the joint of the big toe.

STEP 3 – Select Your Size
Review the sizing charts below and select your size.
Remember, one foot is generally longer/wider than the other, so measure both feet, and use the longest and widest measurements to find your correct shoe size. If however the difference in size between the two shoes is significant (larger than half a size) then please let us know and we will make your new shoes accordingly.

Remember: the more information you send us regarding your shoe size, the more accurate the fit. So please do not hesitate to send us any additional information regarding your shoe size or any other details you would like us to incorporate in your new shoes.


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